Thursday, July 19, 2012

PDX STOP NOW...Making these Comps

Here we go again. We all love/hate these comps. They are generally hit or miss but usually MISS. If you want to know what hipsters listen too, its not this. You are probably thinking "This is too Pop for me". Attention hipsters...there is hardly anything POP about this comp, so no worries. This shit is right up yer alley with your stinky garage punk and pretentious noise bands. Plus some of the bands aren't even from PDX (yes Sleater Kinney was from Olympia) wait why is it called PDX POP?? 
I do enjoy discovering one or two bands on the entire 2 disc comp that capture my attention, but the rest just end up in a CD pile of broken dreams. However, the concept is great, bringing bands together and not charging admission. But remember FREE music is always free for a reason.

p.s. you guys still owe me $120 for ruining my Q-bert needles you borrowed after your needleless hipster dj's tried to dj with them.


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